Attention Parents and Care-givers of Pre-Teen/Teen Girls:

Unlock Your Girl’s Inner Beauty, Self-Esteem and
Resilience Even if You’re Busy, Worried About Her and Can’t Seem to Connect with Her

What if you could instill courage, confidence and creativity in your girl and make her realize her self-worth despite the rising social pressures, increased bullying on social media and growing personal struggles?

Are you ready to see your girl be her authentic self...

Feel Courageous And Stay Grounded In Confidence And Love So She Can Stand Firm In The Midst Of Peer Pressure, Negative Forces And High Levels Of Stress all Being Bombarded On Her From Every Part Of The Society?
Although you truly care and know you should openly communicate with her, encourage her and see her rising above all situations and circumstances… 

you are stuck in a busy schedule day in and day out only to find yourself looking for new ways and strategies to foster her confidence and self-esteem… every single day…

But you still haven’t found the right solution to help her counteract those negative influences from home, school and society.
Defeated, discouraged and devastated… these words don’t even scratch the surface of how I felt when I was teased, bullied and made fun of for my appearance, my hair and who I truly am. But I knew I couldn’t change others and started focusing on myself during the most difficult times of my life. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Jasmine Zapata – an award-winning author, board-certified practicing pediatrician, internationally-recognized inspirational speaker, motivator, and…

a confidence coach to young girls who are depressed, anxious, and stressed as a result of many of the external pressures facing them.  

I’m on a mission to  heal, uplift and inspire young girls to never give up and keep bringing out their hidden treasures despite the struggles and setbacks they face. I teach girls that true beauty is NOT on the outside, but on the inside. 

I do exactly that by partnering with parents, caregivers, and teachers so you can let your girls know
that they are AMAZING young ladies, they are beautiful on the inside and OUT and they can reach any goal they set their mind to despite adversity or challenges.

You and I both know that…

Your girl is going through the hardest years of her life because of all the  drama and emotional turmoil coming her way

And like every responsible, loving and caring parent and caregiver, you want her to....
Realize her true beauty is on the inside and NOT just on the outside

Know that she’s worth it, she’s treasured and she’s loved

Remember that she has all the tools necessary to increase her confidence and shape  her own life story
Know she can reach her full potential despite adversity and challenges

SO… Are YOU Ready to Empower Your Girl So She Can Go from
Suffocating to LIVING Her Best Life with A Strategy That’s
Fun, Creative and Interactive?

Beyond Beautiful Girl’s Empowerment Bundle

A complete interactive empowerment bundle for your 9 to a 17-year-old pre-teen or teen girl that genuinely
reminds her that she’s worth it, she deserves the best and helps bring out all her
inner treasures with complete confidence so she can step into a thriving future.

This bundle is being utilized across schools, churches, community centers, mental
health agencies, state minority health grant programs, community restorative
justice systems and more.

Beyond Beautiful Volume 1 book (Digital PDF) 

A Girl’s Guide to Unlocking the Power of Inner Beauty, Self Esteem, Resilience and Courage.

Beyond Beautiful Volume 2 book (digital PDF) 

A Girl's Guide to Studying Self Care and Staying Focused During Difficult Times

Write Your Own Declaration  Activity Template

A fill-in-the-blank template so she can create her OWN unique positive affirmation to say each morning.

Beyond Beautiful Girl's Empowerment Workbook -Coloring and Affirmation Sheets

PDF files she can use to decorate and place in various locations in her room or even in lockers to remind herself of how amazing and loved she is on a daily basis. The workbook also comes with printable crossword puzzles, affirmation pages, and   fun empowerment activities. 

You also get these inspiring and motivating bonuses:

  • Special Audio message from Dr. Zapata expressing her love for your young lady and letting her know why it’s so important to use the power of daily affirmations and what it truly means to be Beyond Beautiful.
  • ​Beyond Beautiful” and “I am Somebody” girls’ empowerment downloadable MP3 instrumentals. These musical instrumentals set the atmosphere and a cool relaxing vibe as your daughter reads the book, reads her daily affirmation, or works on the empowerment sheets. These are the exact instrumentals to the songs I wrote and perform at my in-person girl’s empowerment events.
  • Downloadable, Decorative PDF of the Beyond Beautiful Girl’s Empowerment Poem. This PDF is great to place in a frame or in a mirror in your daughter’s room so she can read every morning. You can also place a photo of your daughter onto the poem sheet to make it more personal.

Beyond Beautiful Girl’s Empowerment Bundle

Is ALL YOURS For A Special Price Of Only $47
($297 Value)
RIGHT NOW you have the power to pour life, inspiration, encouragement into your girls lives! 
Take the step now to make your girl’s next steps in life more  healthy, more beautiful and more impactful.
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