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Get the Beyond Beautiful Virtual Reading for just $97:: While outer beauty attracts, inner beauty captivates. That’s what BEYOND BEAUTIFUL is all about. In addition to their outward qualities, young ladies have so much greatness hidden inside of them that needs to come out. The courage, resilience, confidence, creativity, talent, intelligence and way more that’s deep inside of them can make a deep impact and touch souls. They need to finally embrace their beauty. They need to know they are treasured and loved. And they can do anything they set their minds, too! Led by Dr. Jaz, Beyond Beautiful Virtual Reading is a 10-lesson course focusing on social and emotional health, self-worth, inner beauty, and a healthy mindset. This virtual experience is a dynamic blend of video lessons, discussions, and book readings; all aimed at improving self-esteem, self-efficacy, and resilience among adolescent girls. Join Dr. Jaz as she reads the Beyond Beautiful book aloud on video and shares her behind the scenes answers to the discussion questions in the book. The most amazing part? She pours her heart out to every young girl listening in and makes them feel very special in every way!

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You also get these inspiring and motivating bonuses:
  • Special Audio message from Dr. Zapata expressing her love for the young ladies and letting them know why it’s so important to use the power of daily affirmations and what it truly means to be Beyond Beautiful.
  • Beyond Beautiful” and “I am Somebody” girls’ empowerment downloadable MP3 instrumentals These musical instrumentals set the atmosphere and a cool relaxing vibe as your daughter reads the book, reads her daily affirmation, or works on the empowerment sheets. These are the exact instrumentals to the songs I wrote and perform at my in-person girl’s empowerment events.
  • Downloadable, Decorative PDF of the Beyond Beautiful Girl’s Empowerment Poem. This PDF is great to place in a frame or in a mirror in your daughter’s room so she can read every morning. You can also place a photo of your daughter onto the poem sheet to make it more personal.
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